Our complex solutions for installation of EV charging statios and wallboxes:

  • assessment of the maximum reserved capacity of the distribution system at the point of consumption
  • processing of the necessary project documentation, including its approval and verification at the relevant authorities (building authority, distribution system operator)
  • processing of relevant announcements resp. implementation permit
  • establishment resp. reconstruction of the intsllation point
  • adjustments in the switchboard
  • installation of safety and control elements
  • installation of related cabling
  • sale of a charging station or a wallbox
  • construction work related to the implementation of the foundation for the charging station or of the wallbox
  • delivery, assembly, revitalization and revision of the charging station and related electrical installation
  • prophylactic inspections and maintenance of charging stations
  • warranty, post-warranty and regular service
  • the possibility to connect charging stations or part of them to the network of a fast charging service provider

How to proceed:

Write to us at:

In the mail state:

  1. contact person details
  2. the address of the intended installation
  3. a brief description of the intended installation.

Then we will call you and arrange a meeting and make an initial inspection.

Alternatively, call 0908 310 381


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