Our Project Department has had long-term experience with designing and construction. We are able to deliver a comprehensive project solution fully covering both, heavy and light-current distribution systems, i.e. from customers' needs specification to project implementation and author's supervision. The references from our customers are the best publicity we can get.

  • Designing electric equipment
  • Engineering activities forming part of capital construction
  • Designing and budgeting
  • Effective project solutions tailored to our customers' needs and reflecting current trends related to the field of electrical engineering/technology
  • Designing at all the stages, i.e. zoning permit, building permit, site implementation and detailed design proceedings
  • Coordination of designing activities with the rest of the occupations

In the field of design services, we can provide our partners with:

  • Elaboration of the project part of the electro in the range of
    • Low voltage wiring (external distribution wirings, technological security of buildings and power supply of technological units)
    • High voltage grid (connections, substations, transformer stations)
    • Lighting technical designs of artificial lighting made by Dialux software (residential, administrative, multifunctional construction, production and storage halls, communications, sport grounds)
  • Dimensioning of spare sources (battery UPS, DG)
  • Processing of low-current distribution in the range of:
    • Structured cabling
    • Optical networks
    • Camera systems
    • Security systems
  • Processing of documentation of systems to ensure fire safety of the building, such as electric fire alarm, voice fire alarm and equipment for heat and combustion products removal (electrical part)
  • Coordination of project documentation of the mentioned operational files resp. construction objects
  • Processing of project documentation in 2D vector format from BIM documents (Autodesk Revit)
  • Carrying out audits of project documentation and assessment of project documentation from the point of view of fire safety and fire-technical equipment
  • Execution of the certificate of project documentation and official examinations in cooperation with an authorized legal entity, resp. type A inspection body
  • Execution of network analysis and subsequent proposal of measures to ensure the quality of electricity (reactive power compensation, the impact of higher harmonics, etc.)

Our references in this field:

Hospital Šaca clinic of one-day surgery and emergency admission (stage documentation for building permit (BP), implementation design documentation (DD)

Construction AB Mlynská 31, Košice (stage DD)

Residential buildings Južné mesto zone B1-BI, BII, BIII, including low voltage (DD)

Hospital Šaca – dental clinic (DD)

Shopping mall in Topoľčany – 3.Stage (DD)

Extension to main building -  University - UPJŠ Košice (DD)

Opacity Košice – Multifunctional complex with housing units (BP)

Hospital Šaca – Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics (DD)

New Generation Hospital Michalovce - Polyclinic Pavilion (BP)

Transshipment of high voltage and low voltage lines in Street of Protifašistických bojovníkov - Košice (DD)

Shopping mall Primum III. Stage - Partizánske (BP, DD)

RTVS Košice – Modifications to the premises of video directing, sound recording and the operating workplace  (DD)

Transshipment of high voltage lines 22kV - Topoľčany (DD)

RTVS Košice – Renovation of the archive administration building (DD)

Warehouse - Baldovce (DD)

Residence Allbelli - Košice (DD)

Completion to a multifunctional complex - Trebišov (BP)

Bastion Office Center - modification of floor, entrance part, reception - Košice (DD)

Clinic - Ružomberok (DD)

Concession Oberbank - Košice (DD)

Electric fire alarm of the warehouse Slovakia Trend - Sobrance (DD)

Electric fire alarm of the warehouse and commercial space Ginka - Košice (DD)



If this sound something that you could use, pls contact us. Your contact person is: 

Ing. Jozef Kiraly, PhD

Head of designs and innovation department