Construction Activities

Between the years 2008 and 2011, which was a period of recession in the Slovak construction sector, our company had to think how to back up the lack of performance in some way. One of the possibilities was to start our own construction activities by the establishment of a project management department. The first orders received covered the reconstruction of premises for the TESCO Express chain of shops. The first such successfully completed project was in Žilina. It was followed by other shops of this chain such as TESCO Expres in Prievidza, Bardejov, Poprad, Michalovce, Bratislava etc.

In 2014, we had a chance to participate in the "Vyšné Opátske - Košice Watergate" project, where we reconstructed the water gate operator's house and service facilities. In May 2015, we completed the reconstruction of the Galeria City apartment building in Košice, where 112 apartments were renovated. Our building activities represented in the year 2015 all together about 20% of our total turnover.

We started the year 2018 with reconstruction work on the M-Market building in Vrútky for the company M-MARKET Invest. The building after a complete reconstruction, which was completed in 2019, is called Kocka

In 2019, we started a comprehensive reconstruction of the department store on Hlavná Street in Košice for the investor Cronos OD Košice. Originally, the iconic building built in 1965-1968 housed PRIOR. Later also TESCO. After the reconstruction, it will be called OD Urban.We finished the reconstruction in May 2021.

The department store will bring more than 40 operations on four floors. On the lowest floors, there should be a supermarket  on an area of more than 1200 m², services and a mix of small and large establishments. Gastronomy is planned on the second floor, a four-screen cinema on the third floor and offices for approximately 200 employees on the top floor.

The reconstruction itself underlines the original appearance of the building facade. Montin is a general contractor on the construction site.