EPS - Electric Fire Alarm

It is a device belonging to the group of fire alarm equipment and is designed to recognise fire indications and give acoustic and optical warning or activate fire extinguishing equipment and control acoustic fire alarm systems. Its goal is to warn people on fire occurrence.
Our company implements EPS systems of recognised manufacturers such as: Honeywell, Schrack Seconet a Sectro(Advanced)

Major projects  completed by our company can be found: https://www.montin.sk/sk/referencie/elektricka-poziarna-signalizacia?lang=en


HSP - Audible Fire Alarm - Public address system

It is a fire-preventing technical device and it usually forms part of electric fire alarm systems. Its task is to warn people staying in areas under threat by verbal announcement stating the type of alert given. Its deployment is stipulated by Slovak law and it is usually set up so as to allow for local sound distribution. 
Our company implements HSP systems of recognised manufacturers such as: Honeywell, BOSCH

Our customers are provided with the following:

  • Designing, sales, installation, maintenance and revisions of HSP as per applicable Slovak law
  • Certified intelligibility measurements of HSP systems

Major projects completed by our company can be found: https://www.montin.sk/en/references/voice-alarm-systems