Nurse-Patient Alert System

In order to provide high-quality health care in modern hospital premises it is necessary to establish a communication system between nurses and patients. The basis of the system is its central panel, on which individual calls appear. There may be an unlimited number of mobile buttons, signalling units, wall buttons, bathroom and shower room buttons and toilet sensors for door opening and room leaving connected to the panel. A call is activated by pressing a patient's button. Such call is then displayed on the central panel situated in the nurses’ room and it is also visually signalled in a relevant hallway. The signalling or alarm system is of a modular type and can be modified or adjusted as needed.

Major orders completed by our company:

  • UNLP Košice Emergency Ward
  • Poprad Hospital
  • Nové Zámky Hospital
  • Institute of Nuclear and Molecular Medicine Košice
  • Vyšné Hágy Hospital