CCTv – Closed - Circuit Television

It allows for the transfer of images from industrial surveillance cameras to a single display unit, usually with the possibility of its recording to a hard disk (HDD). Until recently, the CCTv systems were of the analogue type. This, however, has been replaced by the technology of digital transmission (IP). The takes from such cameras are available for authorised individuals with a password-protected access. In case of an Internet connection, on-line images and records can be accessed from one's own PC or mobile phone. In the period after 2010, which was the time of this device price reduction, the CCTv system became available to a wider part of population.
Our company implements CCTv systems of recognised manufacturers such as Dahua


Major orders completed by our company:

  • UNLP Košice Emergency Ward
  • Senior Care Centre Michalovce
  • Senior Care Centre Sečovce
  • Institute of Nuclear and Molecular Medicine Košice
  • Chemkostav Arena Michalovce
  • Cassovar Košice Residence
  • Cassovar Business Center Košice
  • Kulturpark Košice
  • Šafránová záhrada I Residence
  • Šafránová záhrada II Residence
  • Poprad Hospital