Company Profile

Montin s.r.o. headquartered at Žriedlová 28, Košice was founded on 24th November 1998 and established by its entering in the Commercial Registry of the Košice I District Court, Part: Sro, Entry No.: 10679/V on 7th December 1998. Since its very beginning, it has been a supplier of comprehensive electric installation work and related activities for all the types of buildings i.e. industrial and administrative buildings and public utilities. Our mission is to provide reliable and professional services in the field of electrical installations and to search for effective project solutions tailored to our customers' needs.

LOGO Notation

The logo of Montin s.r.o. is formed by two rectangles. The navy blue rectangle represents a platform of a 2:3 side ratio. It is turned clockwise by 45° from the horizontal axis. It symbolises heavy current. The white square placed on the platform and turned by 90° from the horizontal axis symbolises light current. The folded-in upper corner of the platform symbolises their interconnection, i.e. the comprehensiveness of electrical installation deliveries forming the company's main activities. At the same time, it forms the initial of the company name.

Company name:

When Montin s.r.o. was established, the vision of its presence in the market was to PERFORM electrical installations and engineering. These main parts of its scope of business activities form the company name.

Colour scale

The colours used in the logo symbolise the following:

Blue: Experience, stability and reliability;
White: Freedom and simplicity of solutions;
Silver: Vision and intuition regarding the discovery of hidden solutions;



The Montin s.r.o. logo is registered under trade mark No. 012141503 of the Community at the OHIM (Office for Harmonisation of the Internal Market in Alicante) and it is valid in all 27 states of the European Union.