Award - Diamonds of Slovak Business

MONTIN s.r.o. became the most dynamically growing company in East Slovakia

Each year, Enterprise Investors, Coface Slovakia and the business magazine Profit announce the Diamonds of Slovak Business competition, through which they search for small and medium-size enterprises showing the most dynamic growth. The places awarded to enterprises are given according to pre-determined criteria. Diamonds of Slovak Business offers an actual picture of how successful these companies are in individual regions of Slovakia. One of such successful companies winning this prestigious award was also Montin s.r.o.

Montin s.r.o., Košice

Throughout its 14-year's presence in the market of electrical installations, Montin s.r.o. Košice has become one of its key players. „Our customers are renowned Slovak construction companies and developers,“says the company executive Mr. Tibor Mačuga who also stresses out that the company will try to keep this position. „If you repeatedly get to build sites for the same business partner it shows that you do your job well,“ he adds.

Montin, s.r.o. was established in 1998. The company is an example of a 'green field' project. “Even though we started with small or even minor orders, we have worked on the image of an electric installation supplier for all site types since the very beginning. More than eighty percent of our activities represent the deliveries and installations of heavy-current distribution systems,” says T. Mačuga in connection with the actual company portfolio and adds that in recent years the company has been more involved in the projects focusing on light-current distribution systems, such as electronic fire alarm systems, public address systems, surveillance camera systems and intrusion alarm systems.

MORE WORK BRINGS HIGHER QUALITY. „Each completed order brought more experience and motivated us to make our work more effective, to increase the quality of our services, and to establish new business cooperation which we managed to keep alive for more than ten years,“ says T. Mačuga and emphasises that apart from the above the company is continuously trying to improve its staff working conditions. Currently, the company has thirty permanent employees.

T. Mačuga belongs to those who crave for learning new things. „It is very important to set reasonable goals and work on their achievement, which means that it is important to consider all the factors and lead them in the right direction. Meetings with business partners and employer-employees dialogues are very stimulating. You can learn something useful from each situation. This, in turn, helps you to make decisions", he said.

The growth of Montin s.r.o. was supported by several factors. These were an effective personnel policy in the time of economic depression, cost optimisation and intensified marketing activities. „Obviously, without established quality relationships with business partners and stabilisation of our work team we would have not been able to get where we are now,“ reminds T. Mačuga. He deepens his thought by saying: „Certain events force us to prompt decision-making. These are moments when we prefer our experience and vision. Today, we can say that our position in the market is firm and stable."

ELECTRICITY AND CULTURE. Motino's work can be seen all over Slovakia even though this kind of work i.e. electricity installations, is generally not visible. The company took part in the construction of the Three Towers complex in Bratislava, reconstruction of the Slovan Hotel in Košice and it has a lot of experience with the construction and reconstruction of health care facilities. As part of the 'Košice 2013 – European Capital of Culture' project electric installation had to be included in the reconstruction of the former barracks and military warehouses, which will be turned into the Kulturpark centre. The old indoor swimming pool in Košice will be turned into a cultural centre named Kunsthalle, which will create space for contemporary art.

Where will Montin have been in a ten years’ time? T. Mačuga says that "he sees the company as a stable enterprise that will have also been present in international markets. Montin will have been a reliable partner for construction companies and it will mainly have been approached thanks to its quality. The satisfaction of our customers and partners will make us satisfied, too," he concludes.

Source: Profit (19th September 2012)





MONTIN s.r.o.

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